$ 1,000 monthly stimulus checks for West Hollywood residents
$ 1,000 monthly stimulus checks for West Hollywood residents

$ 1,000 monthly stimulus checks for West Hollywood residents

A set of residents in West Hollywood will receive a new state-funded stimulus check. A Guaranteed Income Trial Program will soon accept applications that allow people to receive more than a year of free money.

This campaign will target a specific adult population in California.

Only 25 people will be randomly selected from the application process to earn $ 1,000 each month for 17 months – a total of $ 17,000 in free money without conditions.

Stimulus check for LGBTQIA community

Community Individuals interested in applying for the West Hollywood Guaranteed Income Pilot must live in West Hollywood, be 50 or older, identify themselves as LGBTQIA, and have an annual income of $ 41,400 or less. Your annual family income should be less than or equal to the low income of the metropolitan areas of Long Beach, Glendale and Los Angeles.

The application period begins on February 25, 2022 and ends on March 6, 2022. From April 2022 to September 2023, 25 eligible entrants will be selected at random from a pool of qualified candidates to receive unconditional monthly $1000 stimulus check.

In January 2021, the West Hollywood City Council adopted a clause joining the Mayors for Guaranteed Income (MGI) network and authorized staff to design a guaranteed income pilot program for West Hollywood, including identifying research, funding, implementing communities, and evaluating partners.

The City of West Hollywood wants to try the evolving promise of guaranteed income to help avoid homelessness, support community members as they age, and alleviate the pressures of poverty and financial instability. On April 15, 2022, the first monthly cash payment will be made.

You will be given a payment card, which will be linked to a bank account, which will receive monthly payments. To get your stimulus check money, you do not need to have an existing bank account.

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