175 COVID-19 deaths in Clark County, but cases rose only slightly
175 COVID-19 deaths in Clark County, but cases rose only slightly

175 COVID-19 deaths in Clark County, but cases rose only slightly

The full COVID-19 report for 12-18. April is shown below.

LAS VEGAS (CLASS) – Clark County COVID-19 cases continue to rise, but the rises are smaller compared to steep rises seen elsewhere in the country.

Figures released Wednesday show Clark County with 98 new cases confirmed each day (a 14-day average). That compares to 91 last week. Across the country, the average was 119, up from 114.

COVID-19 hospital admissions continue to decline, with only 104 patients nationwide and only 17 in intensive care. Clark County has a total of 87 patients.

But one week after a staggering 355 deaths were reported – a large number attributed to a review of deaths dating back to January 2021 – Clark County came back with a further 175 deaths reported this week. The county has now reported a total of 8,355 deaths since the pandemic began.

The deaths are sometimes reported weeks – even months – after they actually occur, making the state’s 14-day moving average almost meaningless. This week’s update from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services says Clark County has an average of 1 new death a day.

Nationwide, the number of deaths increased by 183 compared to last week. The state’s total number of deaths is now 10,684.

Another case of discrepancy continued this week, with Southern Nevada Health District total cases continuing to exceed the state’s number of cases in the area. Since the end of March – when the county and state began reporting weekly instead of every weekday – SNHD has reported 7,455 more cases than the state’s number for Clark County. Before switching to weekly reports, the figures in the county and state reports agreed.

Genetic infections – an increasing number of COVID-19 cases – are not currently counted by dashboards. “Cases that will be counted as reinfections are individuals who test positive more than 90 days after their first infection,” according to SNHD.

Wastewater monitoring shows that there are still several sites with elevated levels of COVID-19 around the valley. Detection of COVID-19 genetic material helps officials detect outbreaks before people even realize they are sick. Currently, a monitoring station for the city of Las Vegas and one of three monitoring stations in Henderson show elevated levels. Another station in rural Beatty is also showing an increase.

Omicron remains the only variant present in Nevada, according to the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory.

A look at vaccinations shows that 57.13% of all eligible Nevadans are now fully vaccinated. Statistics show that 67.93% of the population have started vaccination. Approval for one second booster dose is approved for people 50 years and older, and people 12 years and older who are immunocompromised.

COVID-19 vaccines, which are available free of charge, greatly reduce the risk of serious illness or death.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average): 119 – up from 91 last week
  • Total number of cases: 498,219 *
  • Deaths: 175 since last week (total: 8,355)
  • Admissions: 87 (-24 since last week)
    * -There is a difference in the number of cases between SNHD and the state. SNHD has for several weeks reported that they are working to solve the difference. According to SNHD’s current count, Clark County has had 505,674 cases this week. These cases count reinfections that are not included in the DHHS numbers.


  • New daily confirmed cases (14-day moving average) 119 – up from 114 last week
  • Total cases: 661.202
  • Deaths: 183 since last week (total: 10,684)
  • Admissions: 104 (-22 since last week)

The state and county now provide weekly updates on COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations. Data released today includes information collected from Tuesday, April 12, to Monday, April 18.

See last week’s report here.

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