$ 2,000 stimulus checks can go to people in this state
$ 2,000 stimulus checks can go to people in this state

$ 2,000 stimulus checks can go to people in this state

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Just because the federal government can not agree on anything does not mean that individual states cannot try to pursue the same thing on their own. Just look at what is happening right now around the country with stimulus checkwhere more than one state right now is proposing new injections of free money into their citizens’ bank accounts or mailboxes via check.

Political will collapsed in the U.S. Senate to approve yet another round of the monthly child tax deduction checks in December. Since then, states have stepped up to propose everything from stimulus payments to basic income guarantees. For even gas discounts due to the high prices at the pump.

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One of the latest examples in the same direction? Pennsylvania, where Gov. Tom Wolf has proposed direct payments of up to $ 2,000 to nationals with an income of $ 80,000 or less.

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$ 2,000 in free money to Pennsylvanians

“The cost of everything from gasoline to groceries is rising, and for Pennsylvania residents, it can mean painful decisions,” he says. said Governor Wolf, according to a press release from his office. “Pennsylvanians deserve to be supported and the opportunity to thrive. Still, my Republican colleagues have more than $ 2 billion in support, which must be returned to the federal government if they do not adopt a plan. “

This has happened because the state is apparently sitting on more than $ 2 billion in U.S. rescue plan dollars. Money, more specifically, that remains uncommitted until further notice. Governor Wolf’s proposal uses $ 500 million of this funding to send the free money out to nationals.

It’s part of a $ 1.7 billion total proposal from the governor that includes $ 225 million in support for small businesses. Plus $ 204 million for direct property tax relief, $ 325 million for Pennsylvania’s health care system and $ 450 million to invest in the preservation, preservation and revitalization of Pennsylvania communities.

Important: If Pennsylvania does not make a decision to use the rescue plan money before December 31, 2024? The funds will return to the federal government.

Stimulation check update

This comes as other states around the United States weigh a similar stimulus-related calculation. In California, gas prices are rising, especially right now. So no surprise, it is considering handing out free money in the form of gas discounts for the residents.

More than a handful of states are also experimenting with basic income experiments. Which are stimulus checks of a different kind, as it is basically free money given over a longer period of time.

In Georgiafor example, officials decided to give 650 women an average of $ 850 / month over two years. It is reportedly “the largest guaranteed income project in the South to date.”

In Massachusetts, meanwhile, there has been a $ 500 stimulus in recent days as part of the state’s Essential Employee Premium Pay program. For that program, the state legislature set aside $ 460 million for the payments. With $ 500 payments already going out to 500,000 people in the first round.

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