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Stimulus Check

3 million people wanted another Stimulus Check

4M signatures required for 2K Stimulus Check monthly payment

Millions of Americans still grappling with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic are concerned that the White House and Congress have failed to implement one or two stimulus measures in a row. But this does not mean that these people have lost all hope.

There are currently seven active petitions calling for confirmation of monthly incentives before the pandemic ends, with a total of nearly 5 million signatures at the time of writing. One of the most popular petitions started when a restaurant owner in the Denver area witnessed the economic hardship of ordinary Americans.

As the number of signatures increased, the Elderly Union issued another petition. The League is seeking swift approval for yet another round of incentive assessments for Social Security beneficiaries.

“Social benefits are one of several types of inflation-adjusted retirement income,” the petition says. “But inflation is hitting the households of retirees and benefit recipients with disabilities. In 2021, Social Security benefits will only grow by 1.3%, increasing the average benefit by just $200,000 per month.

However, about 86% of Social Security recipients surveyed said their spending increased by more than that amount.

There are many rumors about additional premium checks. The WKRC recently reported that the LALate YouTube channel falsely claimed that a fourth $15,000 promotional check would be approved.

“There is no agreement to a fourth incentive payment,” the newspaper writes. According to Google’s search trend, the phrase “passed the 4th incentive package today” after the video was released became very important.