35 million stimulus checks have not been sent out. Who is waiting for money?
35 million stimulus checks have not been sent out.  Who is waiting for money?

35 million stimulus checks have not been sent out. Who is waiting for money?

The U.S. government has sent 159 million stimulus checks to Americans.

However, there are still an estimated 30-35 million payments yet to be issued, according to new data on progress with payments from House Roads and Funds Committee.

That stimulus check – up to $ 1,200 per individual or $ 2,400 per. married couples, as well as $ 500 per. child under 17 – was approved by Congress with the CARES Act.

The money is aimed at individuals and families with low to middle incomes to help them with the financial pressure caused by coronavirus and subsequent economic shutdown.

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The government has been raising this money for the Americans since April.

“The Trump administration has delivered 159 million payments worth more than $ 267 billion to Americans in record time,” Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin said in a statement last week.

The last time the government sent out stimulus money, it took more than two months to send out 800,000 payments, the finance ministry noted.

Who has not received the money

Yet many people still check their bank accounts and mailboxes for their money.

While the government initially estimated that there would be 171 million total payments, the House Ways and Means Committee said it “seems low”, given the size of the groups eligible for the payments.

Now, an estimated 30 to 35 million payments are still to be made, the committee said.

Of these payments, several groups are still waiting for the Treasury to have all the information it needs to get the money that goes to these individuals and families.

It includes 13 million to 18 million people who have filed tax returns and who are below the income thresholds outlined in the CARES Act; 7.5 million recipients of social security or railway pension benefits who do not file a tax return; and millions who receive Supplemental Security Income or Veterans Administration benefits who do not file tax returns.

There is another group still waiting for checks, about which the Ministry of Finance does not necessarily have information. It includes 10.7 million people who do not file tax returns and who do not receive benefits from the federal government.

The IRS still has an estimated 4.7 million paper tax returns to process. Some of these returns could be for first-time applicants who qualify for stimulus control, the House Ways and Means Committee noted.

Next step

If you have not received your stimulus check and do not file a tax return, use the government’s non-files tool online to receive your money. The deadline to enter your information to receive the money this year is October 15.

If you typically file a tax return and have not yet received your stimulus check, try calling the IRS hotline at 800-919-9835. If you do not receive your money this year, you will receive it when you submit your tax return for 2020 next year.

You will also be able to claim additional money that was not included in your check when you submit your tax return for 2020. This includes families who have not received the $ 500 payments for their relatives.

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