4 Sunday talk show takeaways
4 Sunday talk show takeaways

4 Sunday talk show takeaways

The White House’s COVID-19 lead took to Sunday’s talk shows on April 17 to discuss China’s “zero COVID-19” strategy, boosters for older adults, vaccines for young children and more.

Asked whether the data currently supports China’s “zero COVID-19” approach, which involves large-scale shutdown, mass testing and travel bans, Ashish Jha, MD, White House COVID-19 response coordinator, said it was “unlikely” will work. ”

“I think it’s very difficult at the moment with a very contagious variant to be able to limit this through lockdowns alone,” said Dr. Jha Fox News Sunday. “Therefore [the U.S.] strategy… are people to be vaccinated and boosted, we should make sure that treatments are available. It is a much more effective, long-term, sustainable strategy for living with this virus. ”

Three additional takeaways from Dr. Jha’s media interviews on April 17:

Support for boosters over 60: “If you’re over 60, you should be out there and get the other booster,” Dr. Jha ABC News’ This week, citing data from Israel showing that further shootings among people in this age group reduced infections and deaths. As for those aged 50-59 who are eligible for another booster per. CDC guidanceDr. Jha said it “depends on your risk profile. It’s the place where I think it’s really important to talk to your doctor,” he said. NBC News’ Meet the press.

Vaccines for young children: Dr. Jha said that “letting science and evidence” govern the timeline of vaccinations for children under five. “Moderna has issued its press release,” Dr. Jha NBC News. “They’re going to submit the full set of data to the FDA, hopefully fairly soon. I know Pfizer is working on this. So we want a lot more information.”

Dr. Jha told Fox News he hopes that guidance on vaccinations for young children will be issued over the next few months, but said it is difficult to assess “exactly when” it will be available.

Congress funding: With Congress set to return Next week, Dr. Jha, that he hopes they will secure an agreement on additional COVID-19 funding “as soon as possible” to continue to ensure that treatments, vaccines and tests are readily available to the public.

“We want a new generation of vaccines, my hope is in the fall,” said Dr. Jha Fox News Sunday. “There are many truly promising treatments on the way. None of these things will be available to the American people if Congress does not go up and fund these efforts.”

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