4-year-old accidentally gets COVID-19 vaccine in CFS – Community News

4-year-old accidentally gets COVID-19 vaccine in CFS


The boy had gone to a CVS in Fitchburg to get his flu vaccine, his mother said.

A 4-year-old boy, according to his mother, accidentally received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine when he was due to receive his flu shot at a CVS in Fitchburg.

Meghan Cameron said her son, Jack, received an injection in his left arm and immediately the pharmacy technician realized she had given him the wrong one, according to Boston 25.

Children ages 5 and older are now approved to receive the vaccine, according to the CDC. Cameron told the news channel that Jack had just turned 4 in July.

The CDC told her not to give Jack another dose of the vaccine until he was 5 years old, Boston 25 reported.

While Cameron said she was concerned about her son and the effects of the injection, Jack’s pediatrician was able to reassure her, Boston 25 said.

“He did say it’s a very small dose and it’s safe,” she told the news channel. “He thinks Jack will be fine, just to keep an eye on him.”

CVS has released a statement saying they are investigating the incident.

“We are investigating an error in administering a vaccine in our pharmacy on Rollstone Rd. in Fitchburg, but cannot comment on a specific patient without a signed consent. In the event of such an incident, we report it to HHS’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and take steps to prevent it from happening again,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Cameron said she was keeping an eye on her son.