5 things to know before November 15: Infrastructure, Economy, Covid-19, Capitol Uprising, Belarus-Poland – Community News

5 things to know before November 15: Infrastructure, Economy, Covid-19, Capitol Uprising, Belarus-Poland

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1. Infrastructure

President Biden is expected to sign the approximately $1 trillion infrastructure bill today, triggering historic levels of funding for projects across the country. Biden has enlisted former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu to oversee the implementation of the bill. Landrieu has pledged to work closely with state and local governments to organize projects and create new jobs to support them. About $550 billion in new federal investment is expected to go into such projects over the next five years. America’s infrastructure is in urgent need of updating and repair, and some ventures that could get a big bill boost include a new bridge along a major Midwestern artery, expanded public transportation in the Atlanta metro area, and rail improvements in Chicago. , the busiest rail hub in the country.

2. Capitol riot

The White House chief of staff under former President Trump has defied a subpoena to appear before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Now a key member of that panel says the House will “act quickly” to refer Mark Meadows for criminal contempt, just as it did with Trump’s one-time adviser Steve Bannon. A federal grand jury on Friday filed charges against Bannon for his refusal to appear before the commission. Bannon is expected to surrender himself and appear in court today. As the commission expands its list of subpoenas, it wants to make it clear that those who defy its requests could face real consequences.

3. Coronavirus

As the winter months arrive — and Covid-19 spikes loom as people move in — the battle over vaccine mandates in the US continues. A federal appeals court has reaffirmed its previous decision to freeze the Biden government’s vaccine mandate, calling it “extremely exaggerated.” The OSHA rule requires all employers with more than 100 employees to ensure that their employees are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or are regularly tested and wear face masks at work. In Oklahoma, the state’s National Guard has pledged to thwart a Defense Department mandate to vaccinate troops against Covid-19. GOP Government Kevin Stitt has also asked the Pentagon to suspend the mandate for National Guard members. The Pentagon has said it will respond.

4. Economy

Consumer prices have risen about 6.2% in the past 12 months — an increase not seen since 1990 and well above the Federal Reserve’s long-term inflation target of about 2%. However, dizzying inflation is not holding back consumer spending. US retail sales rose more than expected in September, and October numbers, due tomorrow, are expected to be just as healthy. Still, the situation is very worrying for investors and financial experts. The director of the National Economic Council and chief economic adviser to Biden is urging Congress to approve the $1.75 trillion economic spending package to help curb rising prices.

5. Poland-Belarus

Thousands of people are now stranded on the border between Poland and Belarus as the humanitarian crisis deepens there. The migrants — most of whom are from the Middle East and Asia — are trying to illegally enter Poland, and many now live in a Belarusian forest, enduring sub-zero temperatures at night. Some have died from exposure. The Red Cross is offering help, but the situation can only get worse. Belarusian state border officials estimate that the number of people living in the border area could increase to 5,000 within a week. The US and EU are preparing to impose new sanctions on Belarus, whose leader Alexander Lukashenko is accused of triggering the crisis by encouraging migrants to cross Belarus’ EU neighbors.


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Biden’s highly anticipated virtual summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping is for today. It comes amid heightened tensions over Taiwan, trade and human rights, as well as the nations unveiling a surprising climate pact.


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That was the average price of gas early this morning in California, surpassing the previous record average price of $4,671 for regular unleaded sets in October 2012. Californians are facing the highest gas prices in the nation, due in part to production problems caused by extreme weather.


“Best day ever…praise the Lord…can I get an Amen????”

Britney Spears, in an Instagram post to fans after a judge ended her 13-year conservatorship. The move puts an end to months of legal battles for the singer, who has spoken out forcefully against the terms of the deal over the past year.


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