5 things to know by February 15: Ukraine, Covid-19, Trump business, USPS, Afghanistan
5 things to know by February 15: Ukraine, Covid-19, Trump business, USPS, Afghanistan

5 things to know by February 15: Ukraine, Covid-19, Trump business, USPS, Afghanistan

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1. Ukraine

Russia said today that some of its troops would return to base after completing the most recent exercises, but stressed that other major military exercises would continue. For weeks, Moscow has steadily built up its forces around Ukraine, with everything from submarines and ships in the Black Sea, to ballistic missiles and tanks near the border – raising fears that an invasion is imminent. Videos of these movements, mostly from satellite images and social mediaputs global stock markets on edge. While there were some signs a possible openness at the last minute to a diplomatic de-escalation of the Kremlin yesterday, officials are concerned about the erratic actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as more than 130,000 troops are still close to Ukraine’s border. Separately, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the United States for sending his country $ 1 billion in financial assistance in the midst of the ongoing crisis. He also thanked Canada to send half a billion dollars in financial assistance.

2. Pandemic protests

It’s Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking the Emergency Preparedness Act for the first time to counter the impact of continued protests across Canada over Covid-19 mitigation measures. The emergency law may provide use of the military, but may not necessarily lead to it. It can also temporarily suspend citizens’ right to free movement or assembly. It’s the Canadian government goes after those who support the groups financially by freezing personal and corporate accounts believed to fund the protests. This comes after the Ambassador Bridge – North America’s busiest land border crossing – reopened after a blockade was cleared, and Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, announced plans to loosen pandemic restrictions.

3. Trump business

Former President Donald Trump’s longtime auditing firm last week informed the Trump organization that it should no longer rely on nearly 10 years of accounts. The tax firm Mazars also announced that they would no longer serve as auditors for Trumps, citing a conflict of interest. Mazars said the only work that was not completed was the filing of Trump and Melania Trump’s tax returns. A spokesman for the Trump organization responded that the firm severed ties, expressed disappointment at the split and also suggested that Mazars carry out their work “in accordance with all applicable accounting standards and principles” without any inconsistencies.

4. US Postal Service

The comprehensive bill to audit the finances of the US Postal Service hit a garden yesterday in the Senate. Late. Rick Scott of Florida, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, objected to a unanimous consent request to make a technical correction to the two-party bill. The measure aims to revise the postal service’s finances to help it modernize its service. Scott, however, argued that the Senate should slow down and work to improve issues with legislation. The Senate was unable to vote to advance the bill yesterday, but despite the delay, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised that the Senate will eventually pass it soon.


The last several hundred Afghan evacuees who have lived at U.S. military bases are expected to depart within the next week, signaling the end of a month-long operation to resettle tens of thousands of Afghans. Last fall, more than 50,000 Afghan nationals arrived in the United States and gradually moved to communities across the country after extensive investigations following the insane evacuation due to the re-emergence of the Taliban. The effort – called “Operation Allies Welcome” – has been a major boost for the Biden administration, which has been pushing to increase its resettlement capacity across agencies.


Netflix is ​​releasing ‘Bridgerton’ season 2 teaser trailer

Oh, the excitement! The internet is raging about this spicy and royal drama.

A rocket is about to slam into the moon in about 2 weeks

That does not sound very good … scientists say the effect will not be visible from Earth, but will definitely create a crater.

Rare notebook with handwritten lyrics by The Beatles on display

Music fans! Watch some of the group’s legendary doodlesincluding Paul McCartney’s draft lyrics to the song “Hey Jude.”

Jordan Peele has another horror movie that will give you a scare

“Nothing.” Who else is still getting mad at thinking of his 2017 movie ‘Get Out?’

The AirAsia flight is being diverted after a hose was found on board the aircraft

No … can you handle one real ‘Snakes on a Plane’ moment? I can not!



This is how many jobs have been affected US suspension of avocado imports from Mexico, according to an organization representing avocado farmers. The suspension was initiated over the weekend by U.S. officials after one of its officers received a threatening call to his cell phone while completing inspection work. An investigation into the threat is currently underway.


Russian teenager Kamila Valieva expected to skate today after being approved to compete in the middle of one doping controversy it has cast a shadow over Russia’s involvement in the Winter Olympics. The 15-year-old owes his positive drug test to one confusion with her grandfather’s medicinesaid a top official from the IOC.


“Can we get a solid answer to the difference between (Valieva’s) situation and mine?”

– Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardsonquestions why Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva was allowed to continue to compete at the Beijing Olympics after testing positive for a banned drug, months after a positive test for cannabis derailed her own Olympic dreams.



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