$ 600 stimulus checks may be delayed if you change bank or move
$ 600 stimulus checks may be delayed if you change bank or move

$ 600 stimulus checks may be delayed if you change bank or move

The latest round of $ 600 stimulus checks are on the waybut for individuals who have either changed their bank account information or moved recently, the next payment may be delayed.

The IRS has already started the process of issuing checks through direct deposit, and some people have already noticed the pending payment on their accounts.

Generally, payments are dated January 4, which means the funds will not be available until then. Checks sent this way will continue through this week and next, according to the IRS. The agency said it began mailing paper checks and debit cards by mail Wednesday.

Here’s what you need to know about getting your second check if you have recently moved or changed bank.

If the recorded direct debit information is out of date or incorrect, the IRS will send you either a paper check or a debit card. This is likely to happen after your direct deposit has only been declined by the bank for incorrect information.

Change of address

If your address has changed, you will probably also experience a delay in getting your check in the mail. Still, if you’ve got a change of address, there are a few ways to update that information with the IRS.

You can call the IRS and provide the updated information, submit an address change form, or use your new address on your tax return.

The IRS will also relaunch the “Get My Payment” tool in the coming days with updated information on the second round of checks, including status.

If you think you should have received a check in the mail but the post office could not deliver it, the tool will be able to give you more information on how to proceed. All payments returned to the IRS because they cannot be delivered will be withheld by the agency until an updated address is provided.

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