784k checks are coming for you in California. | – Community News
Stimulus Check

784k checks are coming for you in California. |

This week, eligible California residents will receive $1,100 worth of stimulus checks. Payments will be sent as part of the latest GS Stimulus payment round. Meanwhile, stimulus checks worth $2,000 could be sent to every American every month as a particular proposal gains momentum across the country.

Updates on the Stimulus Check Proposal and the Golden State Stimulus Program

The proposal for the monthly incentive check was put forward via a petition on Change.org. It asks Congress to pass legislation that will issue monthly stimulus checks for as long as the current pandemic lasts. Stephanie Bonin’s petition has garnered nearly 3 million signatures. However, it appears that neither President Biden nor Congress will support the proposal.

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Meanwhile, California residents are about to receive another boost of cash this week. It falls under the state’s GS Stimulus plan. According to the California Franchise Tax Board, incentive checks were issued on Oct. 29 and will be deposited immediately. On the other hand, from November 1, checks will be sent and must be delivered by post.

Eligible residents without children or dependents will receive a check for $600. Eligible residents with dependent children or similar will receive $1100.

While 3 rounds of stimulus checks have already been issued, analysts argue the relief didn’t go deep enough. Analysts of the Capital One Insights Center survey claimed that low-income Americans would have used up their stimulus money to pay off their bills. In addition, nearly 33% of Americans claimed to have suffered a net loss of income last year. However, there is good news for families with children, as the expanded CTC has been extended until at least 2022.

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