A developer has been banned from his game’s own Steam forum for inciting other users

A developer has been banned from his game’s own Steam forum after repeatedly violating the platform’s discussion rules and guidelines.

Developer Dolphin Barn Incorporated – which caught our attention when it slipped anti-mask rhetoric into its patch notes earlier this year – shared a screenshot of its ban on Twitterwho said, “This is the second time one of your posts has violated our discussion rules and guidelines, specifically by insulting or berating another user.

“We’re also noticing a trend with abusive messages being sent when players are banned from your hub. When you post content to the community or interact with your players, make sure it follows the guidelines.”

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That’s not all. As PC Gamer points out, the developer is also in hot water for the way he responds to negative reviews on Steam, many of which refer to their extreme views on transgender people and toxic masculinity.

“We also want to make it clear that you should not reverse Steam moderator decisions or enable rule violations on your hub,” it added. “Future disregard for our rules and guidelines could jeopardize our business relationship.”

The developer is reportedly still able to post patch comments, though DBI recently stated, “At this point, it’s doubtful that [its Gladiator game] will receive future updates on Steam”.

Earlier this year, his indie Gladiator game received hundreds of “overwhelmingly negative” reviews on Steam in March after the developer added anti-mask messages to the game’s patch notes.

It wasn’t even the first time developer Dolphin Barn Incorporated dropped a strange addition to its patch details. Last May, an asterisk added to a note on combat said that “weak men lack character” and that “strong moral fibers […] it is earned through hard work and sacrifice and it cannot be obtained through onlyfans or pornhub”. Their accounts have since been permanently banned from Twitter and Bandcamp.

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