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A Glimpse Of How Legendary Host Alex Trebek Spent His Time A Few Days Before Breathing His Last

Alex Trebek
Source: Fox News

We lost legendary host Alex Trebek on November 8, 2020.  He has left behind his amazing works for us to cherish forever.

Alex Trebek Was Working Till His Last Breath

We have been a fan of this legendary television host since our childhood. And his demise has left us shattered and heartbroken. Trebek has been a part of the American television industry since ages.

He is well known for hosting ”America’s favourite quiz show” and maybe from there onwards he went on becoming one of the most celebrated personas of American television. Sadly in 2019, he was diagnosed with cancer which completely shattered his family.

Alex Trebek
Source: CNN

But he kept on fighting. His condition deteriorated a few weeks before his death but he never stopped working. We know that Trebek was a part of the quiz show Jeopardy for years. And it is heartbreaking as well as surprising at the same time to know that Trebek was shooting for the show even 10 days before his death.

He tried to give his best, no matter how worse his health was.

He Worked On His Memoir Too!

The television personality was not only shooting for his quiz show during his last days but was also busy with his memoir. Yes! Trebek was penning his autobiography ”The Answer Is…Reflections On My Life.”

And fortunately, he completed it before his death. The 80-year-old host has always been vocal about his life. And he always made it a point that his fans get a glimpse of what is going on in his life. So after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he never stopped interacting with his fans.

Alex Trebek
Source: CNN

From the time he was diagnosed with the deadly disease he has been sharing his experiences with his fans on social media. Also, his memoir consists of the excerpts from his battle with the deadly disease.

Also a few months before his death, Trebek has revealed that his treatment sessions are very hard and painful. But he tries to bear all of that with a smile. Maybe the reason that Trebek never stopped working till his last breath was that works make him forget all his pain.

Also in his memoir, he has mentioned that his end days were near but he wants full of it. Trebek has mentioned how he wanted his last days to be. And that is what he did in reality as well. His family members are deeply shattered by his demise but are also proud of him at the same time.

Because he never gave him and never retired from his work. Therefore Trebek’s legacy will continue forever.

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