A video featuring President Joe Biden talking about a new round of stimulus payments is fake
A video featuring President Joe Biden talking about a new round of stimulus payments is fake

A video featuring President Joe Biden talking about a new round of stimulus payments is fake

A video shared on Facebook pretends to show President Joe Biden announcing that Americans will get a new round of stimulus payments over the next few weeks.

“Some people in the country will start seeing the direct deposits in their bank accounts this weekend,” Biden said in February 15 video. “Payments to eligible Americans will continue over the next many weeks.”

The video has a split screen view of Biden giving a speech at the top and signing an announcement at the bottom.

Care First Homes, the Facebook page that shared the clip, claims it “invented (the video) in the news last night.”

“My friend also called me this morning and told me about the good news for Medicare holders in the United States,” the report continues. “All I did was enter my zip on the website and confirm my Medicare details and now we get $ 2880 back. Just check the zip on the website!”

Americans expecting such a payment will be disappointed because the video is a fake and did not appear on any recent news broadcast.

This post was marked as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat fake news and misinformation on its news feed. (Read more about our collaboration with Facebook.)

The voice heard in the video is not by Bidens, but by an imitator imitating his speaking style. The voice also does not match the mouth movements in the video clip of Biden, which is repeated in a loop every four seconds.

The clips of Biden speaking and signing an executive order were not related to stimulus payments.

The speech clip is taken from recordings of a speech he gave on November 1, 2021, on climate change COP26 summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

The clip of Biden signing an executive order is from February 24, 2021, when he signed an order related to a global shortage of electronic chips.

Voiceover actually uses comments made by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki March 11, 2021 on the U.S. Rescue Planning Act.

PolitiFact previously checked a claim that, too recycled Psaki’s comments as evidence of a new round of stimulus payments and rated it as false.

The federal government has issued three rounds of COVID-19 relief payments to Americans. While some lawmakers have called for one fourth payment roundit has yet to be approved.

The Facebook post also mentions that Medicare recipients will also receive $ 2,800, but we have not been able to find any evidence to support this claim.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the federal agency that administers the Medicare program, did not immediately respond to PolitiFact’s request for comment.

Another post on social media claimed that Medicare recipients were entitled to a flexible spending card that covered up to $ 2,880 in expenses – the same amount as mentioned in the Facebook post. That was decided by PolitiFact Mostly fake. The cards are offered by private insurance companies, not Medicare.

Our verdict

A Facebook video pretends to show President Biden announcing a new round of stimulus payments to Americans, and the caption on the post claims that Medicare recipients will receive $ 2,880.

The video was processed using an imitator to emulate Biden. The video actually reused comments from Jen Psaki about the U.S. rescue plan law in March.

We found no evidence to support the claim of Medicare recipients receiving $ 2,880.

We are considering this claim Pants on Fire.

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