ACRJ COVID-19 case level after recent increase
ACRJ COVID-19 case level after recent increase

ACRJ COVID-19 case level after recent increase

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) – Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail has unique mitigation strategies to combat COVID-19 transmission.

Following a COVID-19 outbreak in January in which 65 inmates were tested positive for the virus, the ACRJ is reversing.

Out of the 297 inmates, about 10 of them are positive. The prison says this was linked to a COVID-19 increase that led to a high number of cases in the Blue Ridge Health District.

“We see significantly fewer positives, much more negatives, and people who recover much faster,” said ACRJ inspector Martin Kumer, “if it’s in society, it’s in prison, the percentage we see in society is reflected in too. The prison.”

The ACRJ has taken steps to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. It does not provide hand alcohol due to alcohol content, but all inmates have consistent access to soap and water.

“We tested everyone who is symptomatic or has been exposed. If that person tests positive, they are immediately removed from the residential area, transferred to another house with other positive individuals,” Kumer said.

The ACRJ also uses electronic incarceration in the home to cut down on the number of people in prison. This allows nonviolent offenders to serve their sentences from home. Currently, there are 59 inmates in home detention.

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