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Added COVID-19 Vaccination Data for Age Group 5-11 to VDH Dashboard

On November 10, VDH data showed that 35,227 children in this age group received their first dose

In this image from Wednesday, March 24, 2021 from a Duke Health video, Alejandra Gerardo, 9, looks up at her mother, Dr. Susanna Naggie, as she receives the first of two Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations in a pediatric clinical trial at Duke Health in Durham, NC In the US and abroad, researchers are starting to test younger and younger children to make sure the injections are safe and work for any age. (Shawn Rocco/Duke Health via AP)

RICHMOND (WAVY) — With children ages 5 through 11 now eligible for a week-long COVID-19 vaccine, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has added data for this age group to its coronavirus vaccine demographic dashboard.

The dashboard provides an overview of the total number of vaccinations and the percentage of the age group of 5-11 years who have been vaccinated with at least one dose.

The dashboard is updated daily, according to VDH.

“So far we have seen a lot of interest from parents of young children who want to protect them from COVID-19. This is an important step to protect our children from serious illness. It also helps to reduce disruptions at school, as children do not have to be taken out of the classroom for quarantine once they have been fully vaccinated,” said Dr. Danny Avula, MD, MPH, Virginia State Immunization Coordinator.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved a version of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 on Nov. 2, it opened shots for 28 million young people in that age group. That includes about 723,000 in Virginia.

As of Nov. 10, VDH data shows that 35,227 children in the new age group received their first dose of the vaccine. That’s only 5% of that population.

Here is the vaccination count and percentage for the cities in Hampton Roads:

City Number of vaccines Percentage with at least one dose
Chesapeake 453 2%
Hampton 131 1.2%
Newport News 212 1.3%
Norfolk 402 2.2%
Portsmouth 76 0.9%
Suffolk 193 2.3%
Virginia beach 831 2.2%
VDH data as of November 10, 2021

In Virginia, a total of 11,900,269 vaccine doses of COVID-19 have been administered, 84% of adults (18+) have had at least one dose of vaccine, and 75.5% of adults have been fully vaccinated.

The Virginia Department of Health Confirmed 10 On Your Side that the state will receive approximately 377,000 doses of the new low-dose vaccine. They are prioritizing their distribution to mostly doctor’s offices for now, but will also be available in some local vaccination sites and local pharmacies.

At present, appointments are required for vaccinations for children aged 5-11, except with:

  • Military Circle Mall in Norfolk
  • Sears at Valley View Mall in Roanoke

While adult appointments are encouraged, community vaccination centers do accept walk-ins.

Parents who want to make an appointment for their child can: Click here.

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