After Social Security’s anniversary, new DNC ads call out GOP plans to reduce seniors’ benefits

As Social Security turned 87 this weekend, the DNC is making sure seniors know that Republicans have plans that would jeopardize the popular program

Following the 87th anniversary of the Social Security Act on Sunday, the DNC is launching a digital ad campaign targeting seniors in states across the country to make sure they know Republicans’ ultra-MAGA agenda includes calls for their reduce Social Security and Medicare benefits. The ads also highlight Democrats’ work to protect Medicare and reduce health care costs for seniors through the Inflation Reduction Act.

The campaign includes digital video ads targeting seniors on YouTube, as well as display ads on the AARP Magazine website. The ads are the most recent effort by the DNC to draw attention to various plans by the Republican Study Committee, NRSC Chairman Rick Scott, Senator Ron Johnson and others in the GOP to lower Social Security and Medicare. In May, the DNC launched an ad campaign that hit on Rick Scott’s plan that could end the Social Security Guarantee altogether.

“Instead of celebrating Social Security on its 87th birthday, Republicans are doubling down on their ultra-MAGA agenda to cut back on Social Security and health care, which could jeopardize the benefits millions of seniors rely on. While Democrats are poised to cut prescription drug costs and continue to protect Medicare for seniors, Republicans have rallied behind plans that could reduce their hard-earned benefits — showing only one party is fighting for seniors in November,” said DNC chairman Jaime Harrison.

Nearly 70 million Americans rely on their Social Security benefits for everything from groceries to rent, and more than 61 million Americans depend on Medicare for their health insurance — without these programs, their out-of-pocket health care and daily expenses would go up. While Republicans threaten to cut these hard-earned benefits, President Biden and Democrats are poised to cut costs for seniors instead, as Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act is enacted to cut costs and cut its own costs. for prescription drugs for seniors, as well as making Medicare financially safer.

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