Aid checks reach millions of US residents in the last week of September and early October

There is no doubt that price increases in the United States are a reality affecting millions of residents, and support checks and other initiatives are being issued from several states to combat inflation. Here we offer you some of the help you can get in the last week of September, if you qualify.

As announced, annual inflation in the United States reached 8.3 percent in August, according to the latest Consumer Price Index report.

And while that marked a 0.2% drop from last month’s record, it still beat economists’ forecasts, indicating the recovery could take a little longer than expected.

In fact, this reality has forced many state governments to immediately take economic aid initiatives for residents of the United States, in order to make the high cost of living more bearable, especially with regard to food, transportation and rent.

Many North American states have approved incentives or refunds to taxpayers to mitigate current high prices.

When will the new help check come? Or How to request an Assistance Check in the United States?

These are two of the most frequently asked questions by residents of the United States today. And the answers can vary, as it ultimately depends on where you live in the United States and the government’s own policies.

While some states will issue financial aid checks, others will only refund taxes. In some areas a formal application has to be made, while in others the money comes automatically.

Let’s look at some specific cases:


The governor of this North American state, John Carney, approved the delivery of $300 incentive checks to residents filing their 2020 tax returns. Although the trial started earlier, it will continue in the state into the last week of September. ,


In Florida, something very different is happening. In this southern state, thousands of families still receive payments of up to $450 per minor.

In principle, those families who receive temporary help for needy families are eligible for this help.

Also foster parents, (unrelated) carers or participants in a judicial assistance program.


There are two possibilities, especially in the case of Idaho, taxpayers could receive 12% (related to the 2020 tax return) or $75 per taxpayer. In any case, the highest number is taken.


In the state of Illinois, exemptions come through the income and estate tax refund method. As such, some eligible residents will receive payments ranging from US$50 to US$300 for the remainder of September, if not previously received.


One of the richest money states is Maine. Taxpayers in this U.S. territory who filed their 2021 state returns and have gross income less than $100,000 are eligible for a $850 direct exemption, increasing to $1,700 for couples filing together. your statement.


For their part, thousands of frontline workers in the state of Minnesota will receive a one-time payment of $750.


Pennsylvania, on the other hand, continues to pay US$650 from the property and/or rent tax refund program. Some older adults and people with disabilities in particular benefit from it.


On the other hand, during the month of September in Virginia, some checks for $250 or $500 (in case of marriage) are paid in the last week of September.


Residents who have filed their 2021 tax returns may be eligible for a one-time payment of $100 to $300, due this month.

south carolina

On the other hand, in South Carolina, income tax refund checks range from $100 to . until $800It will be sent at the end of November or December.


In Colorado, as we told you in a previous article, people who filed their 2021 returns before June 30 of this year will receive a check for $750. Instead, those who filed joint returns as spouses would receive $1,500. receive.


As we mentioned earlier, from the month of October 2022 the famous tax refund will go to the middle class of the state of California. This is a juicy payment of up to $1050.00, which is now creating hope among the taxpayers of this state.

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