All you need to know about the new iPhone 9

All you need to know about the new iPhone 9

During the month of April. Apple will be launching its most important product of this year, the iPhone 9. This is a period when other mobile companies are manufacturing less number of products due to the pandemic coronavirus. But Apple is on the move with its new launch, which will cost people less than $1,000.

The price of the iPhone 9

As per a few reports, the cost of the iPhone 9 will begin with a nominal price of $399. And, it will have all the essential features that are required for their customers.

The date of the launch 

A report of Forbes suggests that the launch date if the iPhone 9 is April 15. Further, the shipment will begin nearly a week later, around April 22.

The size of the iPhone 9  

Just like the iPhone 8, the size of this Apple product will be around 4.7 inches. It’s quite small in comparison to other smartphones. But, Apple believes that people prefer using small phones so that they can use it with a single hand. Subsequently, this device will help their customers in multi-tasking and, eventually, save their precious time.

The performance

This is where the iPhone 9 stands out from other similar smartphones. It will contain an A13 Bionic chip. This is the same chip that’s available in iPhone 11. Therefore, a customer gets a high-performance phone by hundreds less.

The iPhone 9 will have a Touch ID button instead of the usual Face ID recognition.

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