An invitation to the research community
An invitation to the research community

An invitation to the research community

fetch the performance report: COVID-19 research and innovation Strengthens the world’s pandemic response – now and in the future

We are pleased to announce that the WHO is hosting the third COVID-19 Global Research and Innovation Forum,
24-25 February 2022 between 13:00 – 18:00 (on both days) Central European Time (CET)

This virtual event will bring together various COVID-19 researchers, regulatory experts, funders, Member States’ policy makers and other experts. The goals of the forum are:

Objective 1: To continue to accelerate research that can help end the current pandemic and facilitate optimal care for those affected; while fully integrating innovation within each area of ​​research.

Goal 2 To support research priorities in a way that contributes to the development of global research platforms and research priorities and leads to better preparation for future pandemics.

We will discuss and develop strategies for the future of COVID-19 research. The forum will include scientific presentations and discussions that will focus on different areas of research. In addition, there will be keynote presentations and panel discussions on how research can help end this pandemic and prepare for future pandemics.

Over 100 researchers, experts, policy makers and donors worldwide will contribute their views towards the forum’s objectives.

Main speakers include:

You do not need to register to join the forum. Research forums will be streamed live here:

ONLY If you are a member of a WHO committee or working group and have not yet signed up, please contact Ms
Neddy Mafunga by e-mail: [email protected] to receive your link to the meeting.

R&D Blueprint Website has gathered a number of resources from our expert consultations as well as other research tools.

We invite you to visit the WHO website as we continue to add new COVID-19 resources in the coming months.

We hope you have a chance to participate in the COVID-19 Global Research and Innovation Forum next week.

For any questions, please contact them [email protected] or to [email protected].

Please forward and share invitation to this open public forum as broadly as possible for everyone in your research network

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