Anti-Biden letter; Putin warning; Loveland child care; Social Security; abortion bill – Loveland Reporter-Herald
Anti-Biden letter;  Putin warning;  Loveland child care;  Social Security;  abortion bill – Loveland Reporter-Herald

Anti-Biden letter; Putin warning; Loveland child care; Social Security; abortion bill – Loveland Reporter-Herald

No truth in the latest letter

I prefer not to use names in letters to the editor, but a letter by Carl Langner to the Reporter-Herald on March 16 did not contain a single true statement. At a time like this, it would be best to keep the little childish talking points to yourself.

Warren T Brill


A warning to Putin

For an allegedly cunning autocrat, Mr. Putin has not read or at least not followed Master Machiavelli closely enough. “One should not try to conquer territories whose inhabitants will be too hostile to be ruled. … Conquest of territories that cannot be held is a form of self-defeat. “(Discourses 2.19)

Richard Rush

Larimer County

Loveland can not ignore the challenge of childcare

Recently, the city council faced a decision on a real estate deal that would have expanded Loveland Parks and Recs childcare capacity. Even if it did not seem like the right fit, it does not mean that the challenge disappears. Childcare is a challenge that we can not ignore in Loveland. It is a financial burden for both our families and employers and something we as leaders must ensure we fully understand in order to find our role as the city of Loveland to help ease the challenge.

Issues related to child care in Loveland deserve further investigation and conversation. One such problem is the economic impact of childcare accessibility on families and businesses in Loveland. Childcare is a daily problem with financial consequences for every family in our community of young children, especially for families with two working parents. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to engage in this issue in discussions with councilors, city staff, and especially members of our community. If there is a role for the city to play in facilitating access to childcare issues, let us identify that role through careful listening and cooperation. I welcome your thoughts on solving this problem in a targeted and effective way.

Don Overcash

Mayor Pro Tem

City Councilor – Section IV

Social security is insurance, not a savings account

In response to a call about social security in Thursday’s RH line, I now realize that many may just not understand the basics and purpose of social security. It was designed and established in 1935 to pull millions of older Americans out of poverty. Social security has been effective in keeping millions of Americans out of poverty for 87 years.

Think of social security as an old age insurance. It is not and was never designed to be a retirement savings plan. Social security provides a guaranteed, progressive monthly benefit that keeps pace with increases in the cost of living as you get older. It works.

If you paid your home insurance premiums for 40 years and then sold your house, would you then complain that you were cheated because you never filed a claim and that your house never burned down? If you are sensible, the answer is no. You pay your premiums for protection and peace of mind that you do not lose everything financially if something should happen.

FICA payments from your paycheck are like insurance premiums that you and your employer pay, so if you survive your savings, you will still have a guaranteed income for basic living expenses if you are lucky enough to get to your golden years. Social security also provides disability benefits if you are unable to work, payments for your young children if you die or become disabled, and survivors’ benefits for your spouse when they reach retirement age.

Social security works. Today, over 20 million, or 40 percent of Americans over the age of 65, would fall below the poverty line if social security did not exist. Do not complain and do not try to mess with a government program that works well to keep millions of older Americans out of poverty.

Bill Frang


The abortion bill is designed for the murder of the most helpless

The Colorado legislature is now considering a bill that ignores and denies all rights to a fetus.

The bill states that every individual has a fundamental right to use or reject contraception; every pregnant individual has a fundamental right to continue the pregnancy and give birth or have an abortion; and a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus has no independent or derived rights under the laws of the State.

Here is the eerie language of this bill:

The bill prohibits state and local government entities from “denying, restricting, interfering with or discriminating against a person’s fundamental right to use or refuse contraception or to continue a pregnancy and childbirth or to have an abortion in the regulation or provision of services. , services, information or facilities; and by prosecution, punishment or other means deprive an individual of the right to act or refrain from acting during the individual’s own pregnancy based on the potential, actual or perceived impact on the pregnancy, the results of the pregnancy or on the health of the pregnant person . “

Write your representatives and senators and call this bill what it is: a bill designed to murder our most innocent and helpless citizens.

Jane M. Choate


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