AUKUS Focus: Global temperatures rise over strategic sparring between the US and China
AUKUS Focus: Global temperatures rise over strategic sparring between the US and China

AUKUS Focus: Global temperatures rise over strategic sparring between the US and China

WASHINGTON: Global political temperatures are rising sharply after the US-UK decision to arm Australia with nuclear-powered submarines under a new AUKUS alliance ignited China’s rage over its territorial claims and sparked unrest in Europe over Washington’s traditional Atlantic alliances.
Australian Secretary of Defense Peter Duttoncurrently visiting the United States with the Secretary of State Marise Payne, allegedly to seal the AUKUS alliance, warned directly that a US-led war with China could not be ruled out given Beijing’s stated goal of taking over Taiwan. It is China’s responsibility to avert any potential conflict, he suggested.
“The Chinese … are very clear about their intention regarding Taiwan [and] The United States has been very aware of their intention towards Taiwan. Nobody wants to see conflicts, but it’s really an issue for the Chinese, “Dutton told Sky News on Thursday.

“We are a small population of 25 million relatively and we need to make sure we have the best friends in the world and we have that in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and many partners beyond that,” he added.
The honest remarks about the formation of an English alliance came even when China, which has promised to ‘reunite’ Taiwan with the mainland, by force if necessary, allegedly deployed its fighter jets over what it considers an apostate province in a demonstration of power. . Taiwan said its air force was busy warning Chinese jets – including eight fighter jets and two airliners – that had strayed into its airspace.
Dutton’s reference to the United States ‘intentions toward Taiwan alludes to the Congressional Taiwan Relations Act, which requires Washington to “provide Taiwan with weapons of a defensive nature” and “to maintain the United States’ capacity to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion. that would endanger the security or the social or economic system of the people of Taiwan. ” This is despite Washington recognizing a “One-China” policy that, depending on strategic requirements, allows the United States to appease or pressure China.
The Pacific flare-up came amid unrest on the Atlantic side of the world, with France and Germany among the countries watching the AUKUS alliance with unrest, partly for commercial reasons and partly out of concern that the United States was diluting NATO, while it concerns. military against the Pacific to meet the Chinese challenge. There is also concern in some circles about what AUKUS will mean for Quad, which has two non-Anglo nations, Japan and India.
While Taiwan has welcomed the strengthening of Australia with some nuclear muscle, Japan and India, whose leaders will be in Washington next week for the Quad meeting with the leaders of Australia and the United States, have been cautious about developments. While Covid and climate change has been listed among topics that the four leaders are expected to discuss, rising global political temperatures will certainly be part of the exchanges.

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