BA.2 variant rising in Western Europe, USA, China; what about india?
BA.2 variant rising in Western Europe, USA, China;  what about india?

BA.2 variant rising in Western Europe, USA, China; what about india?

There has been an increase in coronavirus cases throughout Western Europe and the United States (USA), and China has imposed restrictions in several cities such as Shenzhen and Changchun to curb the outbreak.

Other countries that have reported an increase in COVID cases are Vietnam, Germany, South Korea and France.

All of these developments have been linked to the BA.2 variant of the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus.

Covid cases rise again in certain regions as countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, Germany and France are witnessing a large increase

Why are COVID-19 cases on the rise in Europe?

Head of research cell at IMA-Kochi Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan told India Today: “The slow increase in hospital and hospital admissions, mainly from the BA.2 sub-line in Europe, is due to a combination of lax restrictions as well as declining immunity following their latest vaccine dose. The increase in BA.2 is not exponential, because there is still some residual immunity in Europe from the BA.1 Omicron wave. ”

BA.2 undervariant breaks out in China

The Chinese media group Caixin Media reported that “in the hardest hit provinces of Yunnan, Jilin and Guangdong, local governments have designated barricades to prevent the virus from spreading.”

It added: “Several governments have designated barricades to prevent the virus from spreading. More than 20 regions in China have experienced COVID-19 outbreaks since the beginning of this year.” Chinese authorities have claimed that the increase in cases is due to the BA.2 ‘stealth’ sub-variant.

The National Health Commission said a total of 3,507 domestically transmitted cases with confirmed symptoms were reported Monday in over 12 provinces and municipalities, and most of the new cases were in the northeastern province of Jilin.

According to Dr. Jayadevan is China witnessing an increase in the number of cases as it faced challenges in vaccinating its elderly population due to widespread hesitation with vaccines.

BA.2 undervariant in the United States

The Omicron BA.2 sub-variant had been circulating in the United States for some time, with about 35,000 cases on Tuesday (March 15), the White House claimed.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the tools the United States had – vaccines and medicines – were all effective against the virus.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the BA.2 sub-variant of Omicron accounts for about 23.1 percent of the coronavirus variants circulating in the United States per capita. March 12. The subvariant accounts for 39 percent of total cases in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

How dangerous is the BA.2 sub-variant?

The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that although the BA.2 sub-variant has a growth advantage over BA.1, it does not cause more serious infection.

The World Health Organization said, “BA.2 sublineage should continue to be considered a variant of concern and that it should remain classified as Omicron.”

Will this have an effect on India’s coronavirus graph?

According to Dr. Jayadevan, “This is almost like a tree branch constantly growing.”

“In China, the situation is that they have very little hybrid immunity – unlike India. This means that even though they have been vaccinated to a large extent, we know that the vaccine protection against infection only lasts for a few months, even though the protection against serious illness lasts long-term, “he said.

Dr. Jayadevan further explained that “the situation in India and South Africa is that in addition to the ongoing vaccination process, there is a parallel process of natural infection, re-infection and breakthrough infection, each of which increases the collective immune memory against the virus in There was thus a rapid and sustained fall in cases following the recent rise in Omicron in those countries. ”

Head of the COVID-19 Task Group of the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NTAGI) NK Arora has a slightly different attitude than Dr. Jayaraman.

Dr. Arora said the fourth COVID-19 wave will be powered by the BA.2 sub-variant. “The fourth wave will be driven by a new variant, as BA.2 is present in 75 percent of the population. Can not say when India will witness the fourth wave. “Vaccines available now do not cover Omicron to the extent that boosters will benefit,” he said.

About the BA.2 sub-variant

  • BA.2 is a subdivision of the Omicron variant, first identified in South Africa in November 2021.
  • BA.2 has lots of mutations, and about 20 of them in the spike protein that bounce off the outside of the virus are shared with the original Omicron.
  • The WHO stated that the increase in cases is not limited to China and Western Europe.

(With input from Sneha Mordani, agencies)

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