Baker signs $ 101 million COVID-19 expense bill
Baker signs $ 101 million COVID-19 expense bill

Baker signs $ 101 million COVID-19 expense bill

Massachusetts will steer an additional $ 101 million toward its COVID-19 response under an expense bill signed by Governor Charlie Baker over the weekend of Feb. 12, which also moves the date of the nationwide primary election to Sept. 6.

On 12 February, Baker approved all the costs of COVID-19 emergency sick leave, rapid tests, high-quality masks and vaccine access, which the legislators included in the supplementary budget (H 4430). He vetoed two external policy sections and returned two more, including an attempt by the Legislature to codify a vaccine equity plan with amendments.

The new law requires $ 76 million in direct government spending to increase access to masks, COVID-19 vaccines and rapid testing, especially for schools, community care facilities and homeless shelters. It also allocates an additional $ 25 million in available federal funds to the state’s COVID emergency paid sick leave program.

Baker shut down two external sections, which he said together would have required the state Department of Public Health to “issue and post instructions on mask use and testing, quarantine and isolation periods related to COVID-19 within 30 days.”

The department is already working on issuing updated guidelines, Baker said, arguing that the additional language in the bill “would serve no purpose if it were signed into law.”

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