Balloon Fiesta Park COVID-19 test site reopens – Community News

Balloon Fiesta Park COVID-19 test site reopens

By going to you can select ‘Book Now’, enter your zip code and then choose from multiple test locations.

“You need to have the peace of mind that you are not doing anything more for your community or, more importantly, your family, by spreading this, you know this virus,” said Curative Director of Operations Blake Lackey.

Curative recently reopened their Balloon Fiesta test site to try and see as many people as possible for the holidays.

β€œIt’s the ideal location because everyone responds well to it – it’s open, you don’t have huge lines, people can drive up, it’s easy to use and we’ve had a lot of support,” Lackey said.

Getting yourself tested is a simple process. Once you have handed over the test kit, open both the test stick and container, wipe both nostrils for 15 seconds each, and finally secure the sample and shake it a few times.

Then you are ready to go. The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

Since the Balloon Fiesta site reopened, they have conducted more than 6,000 tests at the site, more than 400 of them on Monday.

“It’s a pretty good indication that the community is responding well to that location and that’s what we want us to do more testing,” Lackey said.