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Social Security

Beef with an increase in social security (letter) | Letters to the editor

I retired from a school district in 2019. In addition to my monthly pension benefit, I also receive social security.

I recently received a notification that the annual cost of living adjustment for 2022 will be 5.9%. The announcement claimed that Social Security recipients will receive an average monthly raise of $100, the highest since 1984. OK, thank God for the blessing. However, it behooves me to point out the truth about the highest increase since 1984.

The administration of President Joe Biden was quick to point out the large monthly increase, but failed to mention that the cost of Medicare will rise by about 10%.

After paying for Medicare, my monthly cost of living increase will be just $78. I’m not complaining – it’s only a $22 difference; as I said, I am thankful for all of God’s blessings. However, this is about principle.

President Biden, please don’t profess that you are doing such a wonderful thing for the elderly, because in my opinion you are not. You’ll never be dependent on Social Security or Medicare income, so you don’t know the fears of the elderly.

It’s not just the costs of health care – which, by the way, are not free of co-payments or deductibles – it’s also the high cost of medicines.

It’s sad to realize that the elderly are being pushed aside and not appreciated, but immigrants who come here illegally get some free benefits. Actually?

I’ve supported America all my adult life. Since I’ve reached my “golden years,” I haven’t seen anyone advocating for the well-being of the elderly.

Joyce Ducatic

Warwick Township