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Beloved Wayans family film is coming to Netflix this weekend

If you’re looking for a comedy to watch this weekend, look no further than Netflix. On Sunday 1 August the streaming service adds an array of television programs and movies for subscribers to watch. One of the many movies coming to Netflix is ​​the family movie Wayans, Major Payne.

Major Payne premiered in 1995. It stars Damon Wayans as the titular Major Benson Payne, a recently fired Major tasked with leading a group of unique cadets. In addition to starring in the film, Wayans co-wrote the screenplay with Dean Lorey and Gary Rosen. Damon is not the only member of the Wayans family to appear in the film. Damien Dante Wayans, Damon’s cousin and Nadia Wayans’ son, appears as Cadet Deak Williams.

Damon has since set his sights on television after starring in Major Payne. Most recently, he was featured in the television series, Deadly Weapon, which aired from 2016 to 2019. You may recall that there was some drama on the set of the series as Damon reportedly got into a conflict on set with his co-star Clayne Crawford. The reported incident even sparked an investigation into the chaotic working conditions at the show, per Variety. Amid the turmoil (and after the show fired Crawford), Damon announced that he would be leaving the show after completing production of the first 13 episodes of Season 3.

“I’m going to be leaving the show in December after we finish the first 13,” Wayans said in a 2018 video interview. “So I really don’t know what they’re up to, but that’s what I’m planning. I’m a 58-year-old diabetic patient and work days of 16 hours.” He went on to say, “I’m done. Like Murtaugh said, I’m too old for this.” The actor was then asked if he was joking, which he denied. He was also asked what he will do next, adding: “I’m going back to the stage and trying to find my smile again.” Which Deadly Weapon was canceled by Fox after season 3.

As he walks on Deadly Weapon may not have gone smoothly, the actor appeared in a slew of projects before his time on the Fox show. Prior to his time on the series, Damon enjoyed a long run on the comedy My wife and children, which aired from 2000 to 2005. He previously appeared in the self-titled Damon, 413 Hope St., and of course, In living color.