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Biden administration office Covid-19 vaccination data shows mandates work, says OMB

The data provided by the OMB summarizes the percentage of employees who are compliant, i.e. employees who received at least one dose of a vaccine or who submitted or received a waiver request, and the percentage of employees who have had at least one dose of a vaccine. Covid19 vaccine.

There are some differences between those two numbers for each agency, by data divided by the OMB.

The Department of Transportation, for example, has the highest level of mandate compliance at 99.6%, although only 90.6% of its staff have had at least one vaccination.

The agency with the highest vaccination level is the United States Agency for International Development, with 97.8% of the workforce having at least one shot. 96.4% of the Department of Health and Human Services personnel have had at least one injection and 96.2% of the National Science Foundation personnel.

The agency with the lowest vaccination level is the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where 86.1% of workers have had at least one Covid-19 shot. At the Social Security Administration, 87.7% of employees have had at least one injection and 87.8% of Department of Veterans Affairs employees have had at least one dose.

A source familiar with the data told CNN on Wednesday that the numbers exceeded expectations.

Among the 3.5 million federal employees covered by the requirement, the OMB said in a statement, “In the 75 days since the president announced the vaccination requirement, the federal government has achieved 96.5% compliance — that is, employees who have had at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccination or have a pending or approved exemption request – with 92.0% of employees having received at least one Covid-19 vaccination dose.

That implementation, the statement said, shows that “these requirements are working.”

White House spokesman Kevin Munoz said the requirement was being implemented without any interruption.

“The federal government, the country’s largest employer, has successfully implemented its requirement in a way that has boosted vaccinations and prevented disruptions to operations,” Munoz said. “We hope our implementation sends a clear message to companies to move forward with similar measures that will protect their employees, their customers and our communities.”

Earlier this year, Biden imposed strict new vaccine rules on federal employees, major employers and health personnel in an effort to contain the latest wave of Covid-19, especially following the emergency of the highly transmissible Delta strain.

Biden also instructed the Department of Labor to require all companies with 100 or more employees to vaccinate or test their employees once a week. Eighty-four million workers would be covered by the rules, which are expected to come into full effect on January 4.

Immediately after it was announced, the mandate came under pressure from Republican-led states and some private employers, who say the government overstepped its authority in enacting such a rule.

A federal appeals court has suspended the mandate. It’s now before the conservative-minded Ohio-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which could soon rule its fate.

But many employers continue to implement vaccine mandates, regardless of whether the courts uphold or scrap Biden’s requirements. Court rulings against mandates only apply to government rules, not individual companies that have set their own vaccine requirements.

CNN’s Arlette Saenz and Kate Sullivan contributed to this report.