Biden did not approve new stimulus checks
Biden did not approve new stimulus checks

Biden did not approve new stimulus checks

A video showing President Biden approving a new round of stimulus checks is fake. The sound was manipulated from a video taken during COP26.

The third stimulus check, formally known as an economic impact payment, was a product of American rescue plan adopted in March 2021. Those entitled to pay received up to $ 1,400, and married couples who submitted a joint return received up to $ 2,800. In late July 2021, the IRS said it had made more than 171 million payments.

Since stimulus checks were first issued, taxpayers have been warned about scams. Many viewers have also sent an email to VERIFY asking if a fourth round of payments is on the way.

A video claiming to show President Joe Biden announcing the next wave of stimulus checks has has been widely shared on Facebook. In the video, Biden appears to be saying, “Some people in the country will start seeing the direct payments on their bank accounts this weekend, and payments to eligible Americans will continue over the next several weeks.”

The video also shows a screenshot at the bottom claiming that Biden is signing an executive order.


Did President Joe Biden tell the Americans that they would receive a new round of stimulus payments over the next several weeks?



No, the video of President Joe Biden is fake. The federal government is not sending a fourth round of stimulus checks.


The video was posted on a Facebook page called “Care First Homes”, which has only 830 followers and was viewed more than 45,000 times.

The post said, “We came across this in the news last night and were so happy. My friend also called me this morning and told me about the good news for medicare holders in the US. All I did was enter [sic] my zip on the website and confirmed my medicare details and now we get $ 2880 back. Just check the zip on the website! “

The fake video is not from a news broadcast, nor is it an official video from the White House. Facebook has also labeled the post as “lack of context”.

The video footage was edited from a speech given by President Joe Biden at COP26, the UN climate conference held in November 2021. The sound in the video, which was sent to Facebook, is also out of sync with Biden’s lips and was either digitally changed to sound like him, or is there someone who makes an impression of the president.

The footage used in the fake viral video matches the COP26 speech on the C-SPAN website. The same flag alignment can be seen in the background, and Biden’s tie is the same.

The fake video also uses White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s comments about stimulus checks from a daily briefing on March 11, 2021.

“Of course, this is only the first wave, but … some people in the country will start seeing the direct payments in their back account this weekend. And payments to eligible Americans will continue over the next many weeks,” Psaki said during the briefing.

That Internal Revenue Service’s website has only information regarding the first three stimulus checks, with no evidence that a fourth check comes from the federal government. Congress has not adopted any legislation for a fourth stimulus check.

VERIFY previously reported that the third stimulus check was in fact an advance on a tax deduction called Recovery Discount Credit, according to Jackson Hewitt, a tax preparation service. The IRS says Recovery discount credit is intended for persons who missed the stimulus payment or did not receive the full amount to which they are entitled. The IRS has eligibility information posted on its website.

The Facebook post also claims that Medicare recipients will receive more than $ 2,800. In 2021, a series of online ads also promoted a “free $ 2,880 Medicare flex card.” VERIFY previously reported that Medicare does not offer a free flex card. While some Medicare Advantage plans offer “flex cards”, they are not nearly as valuable as a $ 2,880 card, and they are not free. You often have to pay one extra prize for Medicare Advantage plans.

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