Bonus stimulus checks up to $ 1,500 available in this state
Bonus stimulus checks up to $ 1,500 available in this state

Bonus stimulus checks up to $ 1,500 available in this state

Workers in one state are set to receive bonus check payments of up to $ 1,500, paid with stimulants from President Biden’s 1.9 trillion US rescue plan legislation.

The state is Alabama, and the workers are child care workers in the state, which officials want to encourage as part of a recruitment and retention strategy. This is because the childcare industry, like many in the wake of the Covid pandemic, has faced a shortage of staff. Not just in Alabama, but nationwide. These bonus checks also come at a time when the possibility of more broadly based stimulus payments is dried in.

Bonus check for child care workers in Alabama

Going forward, those kinds of checks will largely be a function of where you live and who you are. Or more specifically, as in the case of the Alabama bonus payments – what kind of work you do.

According to a local news report this week, more than 10,000 child care workers in Alabama receive the aforementioned bonus check payments. They total $ 12.6 million, and they also follow the first round of Child Care Workforce Stabilization grants from the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

The second round runs from February 28 to March 18.

Grants include bonuses of $ 1,500 for full-time employees and $ 750 for part-time employees. The Alabama DHR awarded them to 1,278 child care providers who applied in December 2021 and January 2022. In total, 65 percent of eligible state child care providers applied for and received grants. And 10,065 employees are approved for the bonus.

“The nationwide shortage of staff has tested the resilience of Alabama’s child care providers,” Alabama DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner said in a press release. “As they continue to persevere, these bonuses will help recruit needed reinforcements and reward current employees for their dedicated service to children and families in Alabama.”

Everyone else: Do not hold your breath for more stimulus

As most people probably know by now, the reason why there are no more national stimulus checks is because the political will for them in Congress has evaporated.

An extension of last year’s monthly stimulus check for child tax deductions passed the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. But the plan ran into trouble in the Senate, where at least one hold-out Democrat (West Virginia’s Joe Manchin) refused the award. And that was all it took to kill the extension.

But do not forget: the other half of the extended child tax deduction comes via this year’s federal tax return. Instead of getting monthly checks, that amount will come to you this year by claiming it in the form of a credit on your tax return. Some states and cities also hand out their own stimulus checks.

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