Boosters are still needed in the fight against COVID-19
Boosters are still needed in the fight against COVID-19

Boosters are still needed in the fight against COVID-19

(KNSI) – Centracares senior COVID-19 physician Dr. George Morris urges anyone eligible to receive a booster vaccine dose. He says the vaccines remain effective against new variants, but only when your immune system is encouraged to remain vigilant. It depends on the health of the individual in terms of how often the extra doses are needed. He says a person who is immunocompromised may need them as often as every two months, with others about once every four months.

Regulators at the federal level say continuous boosters are unsustainable and are pushing for a vaccine targeting newer variants that would be taken annually, similar to a flu shot. Morris advises against waiting for that update.

“The shots are very effective and there’s no need to wait because you’re worried, ‘Well, what about the next variant? Will it work? “They have kept to themselves and helped save lives and prevent people in the hospital.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla suggested at a news conference last Wednesday that a variant-specific vaccine will not be ready until the fall, and he is unsure when there will be an opportunity to mass-produce the updated formulation.

Morris says mixing and matching is the best way to go. He praised Centracare for being open to the possibility, also from a billing and coding point of view.

“From that cost perspective, they are managed in the same way. Therefore, if I were to advise, I think mixing and matching is a good clinical treatment.”

There are three potential vaccine options; Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. The first two use mRNA technology, while the latter rely on an adenovirus to teach your body to recognize the virus.


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