Buzz continues to build for George Pickens

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers

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In Pittsburgh, Pickett to Pickens could become a trusted connection in the coming years.

On Saturday night, however, it was Mason Rudolph, not rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett, who threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to rookie receiver George Pickens, a pass he caught while otherwise covered at the back of the end zone. and with both feet down.

Pickens has created a lot of hype, which is not easy for any player to do in an old-fashioned training camp that is heavily focused on the team. But Picken’s skills and abilities are undeniable, and questions will inevitably arise about why and how he sustained 51 rosters – 10 of which were recipients.

Just the fact that the Steelers picked Pickens is reason enough to think he’s going to be pretty good. For over a decade, Pittsburgh has displayed an uncanny skill when it comes to drafting great receivers, on every round.

In the past, some have said that having Ben Roethlisberger as a quarterback made young receivers look better. With Big Ben gone, the receivers now have a chance to show what they’ve done to make the Steelers quarterbacks look good.

Based on this powerPickens will also help keep the running backs looking good.

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