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California Stimulus: Who Gets These $300 Card Payments?

tThe US COVID-19 crisis continues, with the United States government that is still trying to process all the stimulus payments they promised to the public.

With the latest wave of checks to hit California, we’ll take a look at who exactly is set up and eligible to receive such payments. The latest wave of incentive payments will go to 20,000 people registered in Santa Ana, California.

What is the purpose of these payments?

As part of Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program, there is a total of approximately $6 million that will be distributed among the lowest-income neighborhoods in the city. This structure is funded and supported by the US rescue law which President Joe Biden introduced in March, although his political opponents were considerably against it.

Huge ripple effect has occurred in the Saint Nicholas area as a result of COVID-19, with the relatively small number of paid jobs being cut significantly after the pandemic hit. According to the city’s own figures, 42 percent of locals will qualify for these incentive payments, the latter of which will be worth $300.

How can people claim this money?

The city is responsible for divide these payments, as opposed to the child welfare checks that were sent directly to eligible people. Saint Nicholas however, authorities plan to send prepaid Visa debit cards to eligible households in the weeks leading up to January.

The city noted that it will distribute the cards door-to-door among rental units, although further measures have been taken in the event of unavailability. If staff are unable to contact a household member at a particular address, they will be contacted by phone to arrange delivery at a later date.