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Stimulus Check

California Unemployment Benefits: How To Get The New Unemployment Checks?

ODuring 2021, California was one of the states that provided the most financial support to its residents. There have been several stimulus checks and packages and now there are new California unemployment checks at.

These unemployment checks will be conducted on approximately 100,000 Californians who have previously received such benefits from the… Pandemic unemployment assistance fund. Since last week, the Employee Development Department has sent emails and text messages to those who qualify.

Who Qualifies for the New California Unemployment Checks?

If you qualify, you will be notified by the Employee Development Department, although this may take some time. You can also check your UI Online account to see if there is an update.

Those who qualify and should expect a message in the near future are:

  • People who refused to work for an employer that violated COVID-19 safety standards.
  • People who have been laid off or had to cut hours because of COVID-19.
  • People who were a school employee whose work schedule was affected by the pandemic.

How to Apply for the New California Unemployment Checks

This is not a process where you should apply as those eligible now are people who have previously applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance but have been denied it.

With new criteria being added, this means that some of those who did not receive aid will now receive it and the authorities already have their data. It is the Employee Development Department that gets in touch with those who qualify to arrange the payments.

You can also contact the department to ask about your specific case, even though notifications should be automatic.

In terms of the amount these new unemployment checks will be worth, it will vary considerably depending on the individual circumstances of each case.