Cases of COVID-19 are increasing locally | News, Sports, Jobs – Community News

Cases of COVID-19 are increasing locally | News, Sports, Jobs

Local data on Friday showed Delta County has added 82 confirmed COVID-19 positives and Menominee County 43 cases since Monday.

Delta and Menominee County Public Health also listed 34 probable cases in Delta County and 24 probable cases in Menominee County for the four-day period. Neither province registered a new virus-related death.

The PHDM website on Friday had Delta County on 5,042 confirmed positives, 1,139 probable cases and 111 deaths so far. Menominee County has 2,700 confirmed positives, 894 probabilities and 52 deaths. The deaths were confirmed and probable.

At the state level, figures on the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ coronavirus website on Friday indicated 646 new confirmed COVID-19 positives in the Upper Peninsula since Monday: 179 in Houghton County, 98 in Marquette County, 67 in Delta County, 50 in Chippewa County, 39 in Menominee County, 34 in Gogebic County, 33 in Iron and Baraga Counties, 31 in Dickinson County, 21 in Mackinac County, 16 in Schoolcraft County, 13 in Luce County, 12 in Keweenaw County, 11 in Alger County , and nine in Ontonagon County. The state also recorded four more virus-related deaths in Marquette County, two more in Iron County and one in Schoolcraft, Keweenaw and Ontonagon counties.

With just the MDHHS numbers, the Upper Peninsula has had 30,134 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 546 deaths as of Friday.

Across the UP, the MDHHS data site Friday had Keweenaw County on 264 confirmed cases and 40 probable, and five confirmed deaths and one probable death; Luce County, 380 confirmed cases and 415 probable, four confirmed deaths and one probable death; Alger County, 584 confirmed, 317 likely and four dead, five likely; Ontonagon County, 590 confirmed, 70 likely and 22 dead, one likely; Schoolcraft County, 666 confirmed cases and 246 probable, five deaths and one probable; Mackinac County, 920 confirmed cases and 469 probable, 11 deaths and one probable; Baraga County, 1,110 confirmed cases, 190 probable and 44 deaths, two probable; Iron County, 1,412 confirmed cases and 135 probable, 50 deaths and 11 probable; Gogebic County, 1,495 confirmed cases and 413 probable, 25 deaths and 29 probable; Chippewa County, 1,699 confirmed cases and 2,389 probable, and 43 deaths, nine probable; Menominee County, 2,690 confirmed cases, 887 probable and 47 deaths, five probable; Dickinson County, 3,176 confirmed cases and 1,069 probable, 67 deaths and 17 probable; Houghton County, 3,869 confirmed cases, 789 probable, 46 dead and 10 probable; Delta County, 5,017 confirmed cases and 1,129 probable, 92 deaths and 19 probable; and Marquette County, 6,262 confirmed cases, 1,405 probable and 81 deaths, four probable. State figures may lag behind local reports or have other discrepancies.

The MDHHS has 22,161 confirmed new coronavirus positions in Michigan as of Monday, or an average of about 5,540 per day over the four-day period, for a total to date of 1,188,678. The state added 246 deaths to the virus since Monday — including 131 that occurred before but were recently verified through a vital data review — to reach 22,767.

The state will release new COVID-19 data on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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