Caught between the US and China, how are ordinary Taiwanese reacting?

But the pandemic isn’t the only cause of trade disruption: China has banned imports of Taiwanese groupers since June, citing banned chemicals and high levels of other drugs found in the fish. Taiwan said the ban was politically motivated.

China and Hong Kong account for about 40 percent of Taiwan’s exports. After Pelosi’s visit, China has stopped importing Taiwanese citrus fruits and certain seafood products. It also stopped the export of natural sand to Taiwan.

However, analysts told Bloomberg that China is unlikely to suspend imports of technology such as Taiwanese semiconductors, as it would be “very difficult” to find alternative supplies.

Taiwan, for its part, has sought to reduce its dependence on the Chinese market by expanding its trade and economic ties with countries such as Japan and the US.

Meanwhile, for farmers like Pan, who must bear the costs of running the water pumps and feeding her fish, robust operations in the strait will depend on a “healthy relationship” between the two sides. That’s what she hopes for, while remaining neutral about unification.

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