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Stimulus Check

Chances of SSI Recipients Getting Another Check This Week |

About 4.5 million incentive checks have been sent in California as of this week. The relief checks are issued as part of the state’s emergency relief program known as the Golden State (GS) Stimulus Program Part 2.

What do these stimulus checks mean for SSI receivers?

However, there is confusion among California residents about the eligibility requirements for these stimulus checks if they also have Social Security. The truth is that one section will be eligible for the payments while the others will not receive this support.

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California residents who collect Social Security benefits can qualify for up to $1100 in aid checks if they also care for at least one dependent. If alone, they can claim $600.

In order to claim the check, they must also meet the requirements that apply to everyone. However, they must also have filed some sort of adjusted gross income while doing their taxes. This means that they must show a source of income with a value between $1 and $75,000.

Social Security benefits for SSI recipients do not count as income. However, if they also have a savings account that paid them at least $1 as interest, this can be counted. These SSI beneficiaries get checks.

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If the SSI recipients have nothing as a source of income other than their Social Security money, they will not get checks. Therefore, SSI benefits are not the only source of income that does not qualify. Other benefits that do not apply include unemployment benefits, VA benefits, disability insurance, CAPI, SSP, CalFresh, and CalWorks benefits.

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