Changes to COVID-19 Test and Contact Tracking | Rowan today
Changes to COVID-19 Test and Contact Tracking |  Rowan today

Changes to COVID-19 Test and Contact Tracking | Rowan today

As confirmed, cases of COVID-19 are tracked downwards at Rowanin New Jersey and across the country, we are implementing some university-level changes in our approach to testing and contact tracking.

As of Monday, February 21, the Hollybush Mansion will no longer be a place for symptomatic COVID-19 testing. Any student exhibiting symptoms of the virus should contact the Wellness Center at 856-256-4333 to arrange testing.

Through May 5, asymptomatic testing continues every Wednesday and Thursday for any student or staff member who is unvaccinated or any student or staff member who wishes to undergo testing. Testing will be from 8 am-4pm every Wednesday and Thursday at Owl’s Nest in the Chamberlain Student Center.

Contact tracking
Instead of conducting contact tracking surveys of every positive case among our university community, the Wellness Center will instead trust that any Rowan student or staff member who tests positive will personally notify their contacts. The Wellness Center will provide those who test positive with information to inform their contact. The university’s contact tracing group will no longer conduct active contract tracing investigations.

Remains in force
As we continue to evaluate a number of factors and monitor our cases, the university’s masking protocols and daily screening will remain in place at this time.

Finally, anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 must still report their positive test to the university. Here, both students and staff must report. Reporting is required as Rowan continues to update our website and submit weekly condition reports.

Stay healthy
As always, the best way to protect yourself from serious illness is to get the COVID-19 vaccine and the booster syringe. click here for vaccination information.

Moving forward
Rowan’s wellness team meets several times each week to review the university’s positive case numbers, evaluate nationwide and national trends, and consider changes to our pandemic protocols. As we continue through the semester, we will communicate any future changes to the university community.

A healthy Rowan is a flowering Rowan. Please continue to take all precautions to keep yourself and our community healthy and secure this spring.

Contact information:
Scott Woodside
director of the Wellness Center
[email protected]

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