Cherokee Co. Schools Using COVID-19 Relief Funds for Air Purifiers, New Technology in the Classroom – Community News

Cherokee Co. Schools Using COVID-19 Relief Funds for Air Purifiers, New Technology in the Classroom

CHEROKEE CO., SC (WSPA) — Cherokee County School District is working to improve student learning with COVID-19 relief funds.

Every classroom will soon be equipped with new interactive technology and air purifiers.

“There are a lot of different things we could do with that money that we couldn’t do before,” said Chief Inspector Dr. Dana Fall.

With some of the district’s COVID-19 relief money, more than 1,100 air purifiers have now been installed in an effort to create a cleaner atmosphere.

“Every classroom has one, every office, every large space, gyms and media centers, they will have one. Every area is covered,” said Dr. fall. “It was probably one of the most important things we wanted to do because air filtration was so important because of this virus.”

Additionally, each classroom will feature brand new technology with the addition of Promethean ActivPanels. District officials said they bought more than 500 to successfully fill every classroom in the 17 schools.

“With this panel it will be a lot easier when we have to go out, because the students will still be able to communicate with the teacher in the classroom and get the lesson live instead of having to watch a recording,” says Stacey Smoke, District Technology Integrator for Cherokee County Schools.

With the new panels, students will interact in the classroom with hands-on learning and have the ability to sync their computers directly to the screen while at home. This allows the teachers to continue live interaction with their students.

“To some of the latest and greatest [technology] that the teachers and students will be able to use has been great,” said Smoke.

According to Cherokee County Schools, the money they spend on these tools now will be paid back from their COVID-19 funds later on.

“The hard thing for school districts is that the money is refundable. So it’s not like we get a pot of money and can just pull it out. We need to have the money up front to pay and then repay ourselves through the ess money,” said Dr. Fall.

According to the district, the cost of the air purification project was estimated to be $1.6 million, while the Promethean slabs cost nearly $1.7 million. The total estimated cost for the project is $3.3 million.

This district says its new air purifiers are in use in its school buildings and are in the early stages of installation for the Promethean boards.