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China an aggressor against India and other neighbours, US envoy to Beijing says

WASHINGTON: A top US diplomat nominated as Washington’s ambassador to Beijing described China as an aggressor against India and other Indo-Pacific countries during a hearing where US lawmakers urged the Biden administration to counter what they consider to be the biggest security threat to the United States. and its partners.
“Beijing is an aggressor against India along their Himalayan border; against Vietnam, the Philippines and others in the South China Sea; against Japan in the East China Sea; and has launched a campaign of intimidation against Australia,” Ambassador-designate to China Nicholas Burns told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in unusually blunt terms for a nominated envoy who usually departs in a friendly tone.
Burns, a career diplomat who was part of the team working on the US-India nuclear deal, said Washington should hold the Chinese government accountable for failing to comply with the rules and challenge China where it needs to, including when Beijing takes actions. undertakes those that go against America’s values ​​and interests, threaten the security of the United States or its allies and partners, or undermine the rules-based international order.
Among the other measures he recommended to counter China was to strengthen US alliances in the Indo-Pacific region by placing trust in US diplomacy and its inherent US strengths.
Amid partial collapse in some U.S. quarters due to China’s meteoric rise globally and its perceived combativeness, Burns took a more measured view, claiming that Washington, with the help of its allies and partners, could control China’s rise. . While recognizing China’s “extraordinary strength”, he said it is not an “Olympic power” and that it has significant weaknesses and challenges politically, economically and demographically.
“We should not exaggerate their strengths or underestimate the strengths of the United States,” Burns said, speaking of the global “trust in our business community, in our innovation community, in our universities, in our ability to bring in the best students from across the world.” around the world, trust in our unparalleled military.”
Burns also walked a delicate line on Taiwan, endorsing Washington’s one-China policy that recognizes China’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan, while suggesting that the US, including both Congress and the executive, has “enormous leeway under the Taiwan Relations Act to provide our security assistance to Taiwan.”
“Given what China has done, given China’s frankly reprehensible statements to Taiwan, I think Congress and the executive branch have every right to further deepen our security cooperation, expand our arms supply to Taiwan, that’s the most important thing we can do.” do,” Brands said, also emphasizing the importance of maintaining the US military presence in Asia, including Japan and Korea, as a means of deterring Chinese aggression.
The US has been without an ambassador to China for nearly a year amid deteriorating ties with Beijing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Burns is considered a candidate for confirmation even as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, President Biden’s candidate for India, awaits a hearing.

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