China is growing its influence in the United States through the media ecosystem
China is growing its influence in the United States through the media ecosystem

China is growing its influence in the United States through the media ecosystem

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February 18, 2022 at 19.00 IST

Beijing [China]February 18 (ANI): Chinese companies have acquired control rights in the U.S. media ecosystem, as Beijing owns 60 percent of the shares in a U.S. company that leases almost the entire station’s program.
A study of the company’s records revealed that a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned radio station owns 60 percent of the shares in a US company, Policy Research Group reported.
WCRW is an AM radio station serving the most powerful city in America – Washington. The Communist Party of China (CCP) calls shots at what is being sent at the station. The station can be heard both on Capitol Hill and in the White House, according to Policy Research Group.
WCRW is just a tip in the wheel of media channels that Beijing uses to broadcast China-friendly news and propaganda.
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an independent U.S. agency that regulates communications via radio, wire, satellite, cable, and television, prohibits foreign governments and their representatives from having a radio license for a U.S. radio station.
China Radio International (CRI) has no direct ownership, but has a majority stake in a leasing subsidiary WCRW.

China has a lot of state-owned and operated news agencies that are famous all over the world, including Xinhua, almost all media houses in China considered the mouthpiece of the party.
China‘s strategy is to exploit the existing media ecosystem abroad to disseminate Chinas narrative.
Policy Research Group reported that it is not the case that other countries do not use the media to express their opinions and policies, but the difference is that while these nations are openly loud about the government’s involvement in the media, the CRI masks its presence.
Last year in July there were reports of China Daily, owned by the CCP’s advertising department, pays over millions of dollars in funding to some of the most influential publications and newspapers in the United States to meet Chinese propaganda by spending a pro-Beijing spin on contemporary news events.
China makes aggressive attempts to expand the reach and influence of state-run media in various jurisdictions and insinuates state-media-fed content into mainstream media channels.
The Communist Party’s efforts to expand dominance over state-owned media based outside China is very systematic and shows how CCPs’ domestic policy issues often govern foreign policy priorities.
There is an immediate need for increased transparency of foreign governments’ ownership of media and the labeling of paid content sponsored by foreign governments (POREG). (ANI)

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