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China is manipulating US academic institutions with a good reputation

28 Nov. 2021 11:20 IST

Washington, [US] Nov. 28 (ANI): In Western higher education, elite institutions are normalizing authoritarian political systems — such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) — when they should instead be scrutinized.
Georgia l. Gilholy writing for Newsweek magazine has alleged that highly reputable academic institutions in the US and UK have been manipulated for Chinese interest.
She also claimed that universities in the West adhering to the principles of democratic institution building have pushed the idea that “Chinese-style” governance could be adopted by other countries.
Georgia L. Gilholy is the media director of the Pinsker Center and editor-in-chief of the Foundation for Uyghur Freedom.

It is also a fact that the Chinese state and its affiliates have been effective in lobbying university administrators, despite the fact that other countries may find the Chinese governance system impossible and unfavorable to implement internationally.
Georgia L Gilholy further argues that the root of this crisis is the expansion and commercialization of universities which has led to a reliance on foreign money despite the UK’s academic institutions being funded
“The Chinese administration is responsible for herding between 1 and 3 million Uyghurs and other Turkish Muslims to ‘re-education camps’ in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, where they are subjected to forced labour, sexual abuse and organ harvesting,” she said. .
“Clearly, many academics have no financial or moral incentive to keep Beijing’s demands at bay. Of course, it is not just the CCP that is manipulating British higher education. but among them it is clear that China has the most money to splash,” she added.
Georgia L Gilholy is one of the growing numbers of columnists who are critical of the way the Chinese are manipulating renowned academic institutions in the Western World (ANI).

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