China ‘Prepares for War with US in Asia’ – Xi Jinping Plans to Confront Joe Biden Revealed | World | News
China ‘Prepares for War with US in Asia’ – Xi Jinping Plans to Confront Joe Biden Revealed |  World |  News

China ‘Prepares for War with US in Asia’ – Xi Jinping Plans to Confront Joe Biden Revealed | World | News

Jonathan DT Ward, an expert on Chinese global strategy and competition between the United States and China, warned about it China have used Russia for future attempts to undermine United Statesdominance on the world stage. He said the Chinese president Xi Jinping has “recycled Moscow’s propaganda” about Ukraine, while holding talks with Ukrainian ministers in an attempt to play both sides.

He told Fox News: “I think what’s really going on in here, and what a lot of people understand, is that China is preparing for war with the United States and Asia.

“If and when that happens, they will want Russia to be their partner on that date.

“This is a common idea to put down the US-led order. They have been quite clear about that in their communications.

“[About] to be able to work together, build their military relations and have the underlying economic relations, where China has absolutely taken over and therefore a great influence on Russia. “

On the question of why China has not been more firm on both sides of the Ukrainian war, Ward suggested it was “to meet their broader geopolitical goals”.

To err on the Russian side would be to alienate trade agreements with Europe that are crucial to China’s economic growth, while to swing the other way would alienate their strongest allies in the protracted struggle against the West.

Ward said: “They have a common, common ideological enterprise. You know, Jinping recycles Moscow’s propaganda. I think they are on the same page about their idea of ​​competing with the United States in both Europe and Asia.

“It really is the deeper heart of this matter. Beijing will not throw it away because they need Russia to meet their broader geopolitical goals.”

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After a phone call between Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Monday, China struck a familiar vague tone over the war in Ukraine.

Yi said: “Wars end eventually. The key is how to reflect on the pain, maintain lasting security in Europe and establish a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism.

“China is ready to play a constructive role in this regard in an objective position.”

The call was reportedly held following a request from Ukraine to talk to China. It was the first time the nations have spoken together since March 1, when Ukrainian officials demanded that China use its influence over Russia to create peace.

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