China says the United States is creating ‘fear and panic’ over Ukraine
China says the United States is creating ‘fear and panic’ over Ukraine

China says the United States is creating ‘fear and panic’ over Ukraine

China accuses US of creating “fear and panic” over crisis in Ukraine and calls for talks to ease tensions

She said the United States stepped up tensions by supplying defensive weapons to Ukraine, not to mention Russia’s deployment of as many as 190,000 troops at the Ukrainian border. Hua also did not mention the efforts of the United States, France and others to engage Russia diplomatically.

“On the Ukraine issue, unlike the United States, which continues to send weapons to Ukraine, creates fear and panic and even plays up the threat of war, China has called on all parties to respect and be aware of each other’s legitimate security concerns. , work together to resolve issues through negotiations and consultations and maintain regional peace and stability, “Hua said at a daily briefing.

The outcome of the Ukraine crisis is considered to have consequences for China due to its threat to invade Taiwan, a close US ally, and its border conflict with India and its demands in the South China and East China Seas, where it has given rise to concern over the conflict. with Japan, the Philippines and others.

Hua said those who accused China of contradicting its stance on respect for national sovereignty and territorial integrity in relation to Russia’s movements towards Ukraine were “either driven by ulterior motives or deliberate distortion or misinterpretation of China.”

“To properly and objectively understand Ukraine’s situation and seek a rational and peaceful solution, it is necessary to understand the benefits of the Ukraine issue and address the legitimate security concerns of relevant countries on the basis of equality and mutual respect,” Hua said.

She said sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and others had been ineffective in reducing tensions, while causing “serious difficulties for the economies and livelihoods of relevant countries.”

“The United States should never undermine the legitimate rights and interests of China and other parties when addressing the Ukraine issue and its relationship with Russia,” Hua said.

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