China-US economic, trade relations win-win in nature: Chinese Ambassador to the United States
China-US economic, trade relations win-win in nature: Chinese Ambassador to the United States

China-US economic, trade relations win-win in nature: Chinese Ambassador to the United States

China-US economic and trade relations are win-win in nature, and restoring normal trade relations between the two countries as soon as possible is the mutual ambition of both sides, the Chinese Ambassador to the US Qin Band said on Thursday.

Qin commented on the 2022 China-US high-level agricultural dialogue held in Des Moines, the capital of the US state of Iowa.

He visits the Midwestern states of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, and Des Moines is his second leg in Iowa.

Sino-US agricultural cooperation is of particular importance, Qin said. “With the resurgence of the pandemic, fragile global recovery, faster climate change and growing regional conflicts, food security has once again become a major practical problem facing China, the United States and the rest of the world.”

Speaking about what he has seen and heard in the US “golden corn belt”, Qin said he has come to understand that American agriculture is undergoing a low-carbon and green transition, with farmers using advanced technologies and methods of carbon capture and – storage, and use quality feed to reduce methane emissions.

China has set itself the goals of reaching a carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, which will certainly create new opportunities for agricultural cooperation between China and the United States, he added.

Qin said China has made a huge effort to fully implement the Phase 1 trade agreement in the last two years. “Despite the pandemic, we have not used the force majeure clause and have even adopted a market-based exclusion process for countermeasures tariffs on US soybeans, grains, meat, aquatic products and fruits. This fully demonstrates our sincerity and goodwill,” he said. he said.

Since China implemented the Phase 1 trade agreement, U.S. farmers have exported billions of dollars more in oilseeds and grains and over a billion dollars more in meat products, which has improved farmers’ well-being in the heart of the United States, Qin said, citing U.S. Export Report 2022 for recently published by the US-China Business Council.

Meanwhile, the growth in these exports provides thousands of new jobs to more than a dozen U.S. congressional districts, he added.

“As we face a complex and serious situation in the field of agricultural development and food security worldwide, I am convinced that China and the United States, as major agricultural producers, consumers and traders, should face challenges together, maintain a stable agricultural development, increase “resistance of agricultural supply chains, ensure food security in the domestic market and promote cooperation for international food security,” the ambassador said.

2022 China-US High Level Agricultural Dialogue was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in the US, US Heartland China Association and China Agricultural Association for International Exchange, and attended by more than 500 agricultural officials and agricultural associations and business leaders from China and the US personally or online.

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