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China warns US about Taiwan ahead of Xi-Biden meeting | world news

China on Saturday warned the US not to send the wrong signals or support Taiwan’s “independence” hours after Beijing announced President Xi Jinping would meet his US counterpart Joe Biden via video link Tuesday morning.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet US President Joe Biden on Nov. 16 (Beijing time) via video link,” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on Saturday.

Shortly after announcing the Xi-Biden meeting, senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi told US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that “… Taiwan Strait undermines and only in the end”.

Wang made the comments in a phone call with Blinken ahead of Tuesday’s summit of the two top leaders.

According to a transcript of the phone call released by China’s foreign minister, Wang, who serves as both a councilor of state and secretary of state, said that if the US really wants to secure peace in the Taiwan Strait, it will be clear and resolute. should oppose any “Taiwan independence” moves.

The US must abide by the solemn commitments it made in the “…three joint China-US communiqués and put into practice the One China Policy” and stop sending the wrong signals to Taiwan’s independence forces Wang said.

US-Taiwan ties are one of the biggest bilateral issues between Beijing and Washington, with the former constantly criticizing the latter’s ties to Taipei, which the mainland sees as a breakaway region to be united by force if necessary. .

The statement from China’s foreign ministry said that Wang and Blinken also exchanged views on issues such as energy security, climate change and the Iranian nuclear issue, and agreed to maintain a dialogue on responding to all kinds of global challenges.

At the upcoming meeting, Wang said it will be closely monitored by the whole world as it is of great importance not only for China-US relations, but also for international relations.

“The helmsmanship of the two heads of state plays a key role in guiding bilateral relations,” he said.

Blinken said both sides have fully prepared and are making progress. “The US side looks forward to sharing their views on bilateral ties with the Chinese side at the meeting in the spirit of mutual respect and jointly sending a strong message to the world,” Blinken told Wang Yi.

In addition to fraught ties on a range of issues, from trade relations to human rights and transparency about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tuesday’s Xi-Biden meeting will take place against the backdrop of rapid developments in Afghanistan.

In September, Xi Biden said in a phone call that the US’s China policy has created serious problems in bilateral relations and is contrary to the fundamental interests of the two countries and the common interests of the world.

The talk ended a seven-month gap in direct communication between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies, but gave an indication of existing tire problems.

The only time the two had spoken before September was on February 12, which incidentally also marked the first time they spoke after Biden took office in January of this year.