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City Hall ‘VAX Facts for Kids’: Parents Discuss COVID-19 Vaccination for Their Children

LAS VEGAS (CLASS) — Vanessa Murphy hosted a special edition of 8 News Now to talk to parents and medical professionals about children as young as 5 who could receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The goal was to create a judgment-free zone, have a productive discussion, and help families sort information.

A group of unvaccinated and vaccinated parents joined the discussion on Zoom.

Currently, the Pfizer vaccine has received FDA approval for children ages five and older.

Parents, both for and against the covid-19 vaccine for children, shared their thoughts as doctors explained what they believe are the benefits and risks of the COVID-19 vaccine for children.

Dr. Rutu Ezhuthachan, aka Doctor E, a board-certified pediatrician, and Joann Rupiper, a chief nurse for the Southern Nevada Health District, joined Murphy in the studio to answer questions.

Bryan Almero, a father of two, told 8 News Now that he and his wife have been vaccinated. One of their children qualifies for the vaccine, but he’s on the fence.

Mother of two Skyler Goodman says she has not been vaccinated and does not plan to have her children vaccinated. One concern is what she explained as an “accelerated process” for the vaccine.

Jacqueline Cooper, mother of two, says she’s for the vaccine, but one of her concerns is vaccine resistance, which means people are refusing to get the vaccine for themselves, their families and their children.

The father of six, Bryan Dockens, says he is not an anti-vaxxer but is against the COVID-19 vaccine for himself and his children.

After the discussion, Murphy asked if any parents on their panel had changed their minds in any way after this discussion.

Watch the full ‘VAX Facts For Kids’ Town Hall video above.