Cleotha Abston, accused of killing Eliza Fletcher, faces additional ‘unrelated’ charges

The man charged with the kidnapping and murder of Memphis’ mother, Eliza Fletcher, has been charged with an additional count of aggravated kidnapping and rape in an “unrelated” case, a report said.

Cleotha Abston, 38, is facing the additional charges, the Memphis Police Department confirmed to Fox News, without providing much information other than confirming that the new counts are not linked to Fletcher’s case.

Abston, who served 20 years in prison for particularly aggravated kidnapping in 2000, has been charged with murdering Fletcher, the granddaughter of a deceased billionaire.

Fletcher was jogging around 4:20 a.m. on Sept. 2 when she was forced into a dark GMC compound, Memphis police said. Her broken phone and water bottle were also found nearby.

Eliza Fletcher.
It is currently unclear how Eliza Fletcher was murdered.

Surveillance footage showed Fletcher, a 34-year-old woman and mother of two, being pushed into the car.

Abston was arrested the next day after DNA linked him to some slides left at the kidnapping scene. He refused to tell the detectives where she was.

Her body was found Monday in the “back of a vacant duplex apartment” in an area close to where police say Abston was seen in surveillance footage thoroughly cleaning the GMC grounds.

Crime scene.
Memphis police at the site where Fletcher’s body was discovered.
Photo showing alleged kidnapping.
A video of the accused kidnapper and murderer, Cleotha Abston, cleaning up his SUV after Fletcher’s kidnapping.

According to an affidavit, the suspect’s brother – who was charged separately with drug and weapons offenses – was among those who alleged Abston was behaving “strangely” and scrubbing his clothes hours after the kidnapping.

Authorities said Tuesday that the alleged attack appears to be random, explaining that Abston and Fletchers were strangers.

It is unclear where Fletcher died and how she was murdered.

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