Community COVID-19 test sites are closed
Community COVID-19 test sites are closed

Community COVID-19 test sites are closed

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – Appleton closed its community COVID-19 test site on Kensington Drive. Friday was its last day of service after nearly two years of testing.

The Appleton Health Department mentioned a “drastic drop in demand for testing” led them to close the store in the old Office Max building.

Despite a recent increase in local COVID numbers, Appleton City says demand for COVID test sites has declined and the Kensington Dr. site is no longer needed.

Brown County also announced a community test site closure Friday. This venue at the Brown County Fairgrounds will close Saturday, April 30th. County leaders said they feel “confident that the existing COVID-19 test resources provided by health care and community partners will be sufficient” to meet test needs.

Doctors say over the past few weeks that many test sites are closed because fewer people are using them.

“It happens in many states and throughout Wisconsin,” said Dr. Dan Shirley, Medical Director of Infection Prevention at UW-Health.

“It’s not just that people test less. It’s more that they are likely to test at home,” he added.

Dr. However, Shirley does not know if it is the right decision to remove test sites.

“Especially when things start to go up, we should certainly not make it harder for people to get a test and do the right thing,” he said. “We know from many things, not just COVID, that if you make it hard for people to do the right thing, then they will not do it.”

With less masking and fewer restrictions nationwide, Shirley says a future increase is possible and he is curious to see what cities will do if an increase happens.

“When things are low, we can close some of this. And if we then see a signal that things are going up again, then we make it easy for people to be tested. That would be the best way to do it. . “

There are still a handful of free test sites in Brown and Outagamie counties whose home testing is not for you.

Shirley recommends visiting for more information on where test sites are available.

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