Connecticut Stimulus Check: Second Tax Free Week Begins Sunday

Connecticut Stimulus Check: Second Tax Free Week Begins Sunday
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States continue to send monetary aid, in the form of child tax credits, tax credits, etc., to help residents offset at least some of the effects of inflation. Connecticut is the latest state to join this growing list and has come up with a unique way to make things more affordable in the state. This latest stimulus check from Connecticut comes in the form of a Sales Tax-Free Week. Connecticut’s second Sales Tax-Free Week kicks off on Sunday, and it marks the state’s first two tax vacations in one calendar year.

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Connecticut’s New Stimulus Control: What Is It?

Earlier this week, Governor Ned Lamont announced the start of the state’s second “Sales Tax-Free Week” in 2022, which will be next week. This last Connecticut stimulus check or the second Sales Tax-Free Week will take place Sunday through Saturday, August 21-27. Connecticut held its first tax holiday week from April 10-16.

Gov. Lamont said the tax break was planned for this time to allow families to save money on their back-to-school shopping.

“This is also an excellent opportunity to shop at some of our state’s local retailers and support the many great small businesses we have in Connecticut,” said Governor Lamont.

Currently, the sales tax in the state is 6.35% on retail goods, leases, or rentals of most goods, as well as taxable services. During Sales Tax-Free Week, residents can purchase eligible (clothing and footwear) items that sell for less than $100 tax-free.

In addition, the exemption will be available regardless of whether the consumer purchases more than one of the same items on the same invoice. In addition to the sales tax exemption, residents also benefit from the discounts that retailers could offer.

“It encourages residents to shop at their local businesses and retailers, which allows those dollars to be reinvested in their communities while putting some dollars back in their pockets,” said Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz.

VAT Free Week: List of Eligible Items

Items tax-free during Sales Tax-Free Week include: antique clothing, swim caps, belts, suspenders, belt buckles, children’s bibs, prom dresses, jeans, rented uniforms, slippers, swimwear, workwear, and more.

Separately, the items that remain taxable during the tax-free week (even if they are under $100): sports fans, hairnets, handbags and purses, ice skates, jewelry, lobster bibs, martial arts clothing, protective aprons, and more.

Visit this link to see the full list of items that are tax free during the week of the VAT holiday.

In addition to this financial support for Connecticut, Governor Lamont also recently announced a $70 million program for residents whose jobs were hit by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the webpage on, the program includes 19 job training programs that would provide workers with the necessary skills.

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